Flexienergy deals with planning and realizing systems of production based on the use of renewable energy, wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and hydroelectric energy, in particular. The projects are addressed to the internal market and to the developing countries. We are among the main competitors on the Italian and European market of small wind turbines.

The multi-year collaboration with Microlux, a subsidiary of CIE (Gavio Group) specialized in the production of photovoltaic plants, makes of Flexienergy an ideal partner either in realization of small plants or in realization of multi-megawatt power plants. Currently, in collaboration with Flexienergy Microlux has already connected 6 MW of photovoltaic plants and is realizing over 4 MW of photovoltaic plants.

Flexienergy sold over 1000 wind turbines in Italian, European and world market expanding in a remarkable way the acquaintance of this innovative technology by end users.

The company staff is small and dynamic in order to respond to market needs and consists of a project team, a commercial structure and products purchase structure with important contacts in the major producing countries.

In 2010 Flexienergy became a national distributor of ABB wind inverters, which are the best wind inverters on the market, increasing further the offer to its customers that now, besides single components including braking resistances and isolation transformers, also the widest range of complete wind turbines of any technology and power in the range from 200 W to 30 kW.

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