• Plants at low and medium heat
    for civil and industrial uses

  • We use the technology SHCMV of the last generation
    based on the Heat Pipe technology

  • Maximum efficiency
    at low price

Solar thermal systems are devices which capture solar energy, store it and use it in various ways. If you are using the solar heat to generate electricity through the evaporation of fluid vectors that feed turbines connected to generators this is a solar thermodynamic power plant.

The plants are divided into:
• Plants working at low temperature (up to 120 ° C)
• Plants working at medium heat (about 500 ° C)
• Plants working at high temperature (ca. 1000 ° C) which are used mainly in large industrial plants.

The “solar collector” or the solar panel is the base of this technology. The collectors are crossed by a vector fluid channeled in a solar circuit that takes it to an accumulator. The accumulator serves to store as more thermal energy as possible in order to use it later when needed. There are various types of solar collectors, we mainly use the technology SHCMV (ultra vacuum tubes) of the last generation based on the “Heat Pipe” technology. Maximum efficiency at low price.
This technology allows to assemble plants at low and medium heat for civil and industrial uses.

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